Stories to Weather and Storms to Tell

by Ornaments

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released August 7, 2015

Written and Performed by Ornaments
Lyrics by A.Gesa & A.Scrio
Recorded by Mike Watts and Kevin Dye at Vudu Studios - Port Jefferson NY
Mixed/Mastered by Mike Watts at Vudu Studios
Artwork by Mike Ramirez(@mikeramirez)
Released by Heads Up Records



all rights reserved


Ornaments New York

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Track Name: Sick at Heart
It's a river that's sad inside of me
Is this anyway to treat someone?
Track Name: Landmarks
These forefronts we have failed to hold
These landmarks we will find
Won't mean a damn thing
They won't mean a damn thing to you and me

And so I'll go around
Flying across dark clouds
I'll keep my head up
Just high enough to fall back down

You'll see me
You'll watch me fall
I'll land on my feet
Just to fall to my knees

I'm sorry
But not for what you think I should be sorry for
I would rather rust than fade away,
Live as loud as possible
Then fall into dead air

And the truth only comes out when you're dead

Love, is a wound that no one can heal
Death, is a memory that no one can steal
I'm so calloused I can touch but I can't feel
I can't feel
At least now I can truly breath, I don't need your crutch I can walk on my own
Now I know, I've got my own storms to weather, and stories to tell

These stories to tell, I don't want you apart of them
Track Name: Wistful
I keep my skeletons in plain sight for the world to see all of my short comings
I'm haunted by my past and afraid the future will leave me behind
I was told I could do anything, so I pushed the world away
Blame is all I have, my regrets are killing me
I'm headed down this path, for a certain car crash

Watching myself sit and rot, overthinking things I've done
It's a part of me I can't hold back
But now it's holding me back from things I want to do
I'll try to fix myself for everyone around me
This isn't as easy as it seems
So until then, I'll remain wistful of the choices I've made
Track Name: Our Own Worth
Letting out this sound, barely speaking words
There's no one to blame but us and our own worth
Be a better man, that's what they'll say
But they can't speak for themselves anyway

So just let go and be free
So just let go, just be free

Asleep at the wheel
Forever in discontent
Dreaming of better days is time well spent
And I'm just so scared of waking up, if this was only just a nightmare

At least I'll dream it all away

I'll cut my hands off, refuse what you offer me
I'm better off all alone
Everyone around me is singing in harmony
But I'm just always out of key
Track Name: ...A Great Escape
Pushing you away, like the sand does the sea
Failure has followed me, like the moon does the tides
Except I'm getting drawn to all the wrong places

I've spent my time losing my mind
Over things out of my control
This is goodbye to these old roots
That hold me down

I put these words to pen and paper as an omission of guilt
Of how I treated those I've loved
Turning my back on the ones who needed me the most
Pushing myself further in exile

I just hope there's a great escape
I'm forever in doubt

I'm just hoping for a great escape
I'll find my way